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C & E Plating have over 70 years of experience and during that time, have had the pleasure of working across a multitude of different sectors. Delivering our superior finishes, whatever the product, we are proud to have created for ourselves a high level of expertise and renown. Here are some of the most popular industries we currently work with.


We have worked with the electrical components sector for many years, with companies such as Wandsworth Electrical and Forbes & Lomax confidently and consistently relying on us to deliver an expertly refined electrical plating service.

In a sector that relies on connectivity, technology and innovation, C&E Plating deliver a superior finish for our clients. We understand the importance of embracing innovation, and creating a flawless finish.


Our work with collectibles can take many forms, from Coin Plating, Medal Plating, Trophy Plating, Objet D’art, and Royal Mint Coins, to a gold-plated champagne bottle. Each one is scrutinised by the sharpest eyes, scanning and scouring for the slightest imperfection. The value of collectibles is so often in their prestige, in their perfection and in the irrefutable fact that they are truly something beautiful. 

Our commitment to quality and impeccable attention to detail make C&E Plating the go to company for collectible plating and unique products that require perfection.


Individual pieces unique as their owner, finished with beauty and craftsmanship. C&E Plating have a long history of working with the jewellery sector, working on small detailed elements, to more complicated regalia. Brought to life individually or as large scale jewellery plating for commercial jewellers, C & E Plating deliver a jewellery plating service that is steeped in tradition, to all corners of the world.

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From electrical audio components to musical instruments and valves, C&E Plating can offer plating services which enhance connectivity and improve performance.

Imprefection within the audio industry can alter the sound output. C&E Plating pride ourselves on our attention to detail and complete commitment to quality. Each component is checked, checked and checked again to ensure we retain our quality without compromise ethic.


Our sister company, Vaughtons Automotive, manufacture vehicle badges and plaques and we work together to create the perfect finish. Together, we conform to stringent exterior automotive standards, testing our bright, satin & black chrome plating with 1000 hours of salt spray testing to ensure it is more than fit for purpose.

We take time to understand the requirements and needs of all our clients. Across such varied sectors and products, we can create a solution that not only delivers our superior finish but a superior customer experience that is as unique and polished as our finishes.

Whatever sector you are in our plating services can be tailored and customised for you and your requirements.


Rose, 18ct and 24ct hard Gold and Gilt Plating


Silver, Chrome, Rhodium and Nickel Plating


Black Chrome and Black Silver Plating


Antique Copper, Silver, Bronze and BMA

working with the best

C&E Plating Limited are proud to have forged strong relationships with our clients that span the decades. We seek to provide superior customer service to each and every one of our valued clients from day one. 

Our skilled team take great care of customer components and can create bespoke finishes, just for you.